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The Genesis of an Audacious Quest:

A Sickle-Inspired Perspective

Every quest requires hope and heroes to see it from Genesis to the Promised Land. Although reaching a destination is not in the power of any human being to pre-determine, when Genesis meets hope and an infinite mindset, an audacious quest is born! “In our power is movement towards a thing” (Epictetus)

So is the indefatigable life of the essential Genesis (insert last name) and the temperament with which she fights her painful and demoralizing ailment – Sickle-Cell Anemia.

Sickle-Cell Anemia is a genetic blood disorder with severe complications that leaves its sufferers with an average life expectancy that is 30 years lower than the general population.

While the Sickle-Cell patient seems to be forgotten, audacity remains the essential quality of hope. Hence, it is a Sickle-Inspired perspective that hiding in adversity is a gift waiting to unveil.

The life of Genesis (insert last name) is a classic example of a precious gift clouded by adversity. She is smart and articulate, and her smile is a beauty to behold. To fully unveil her gift to the world, Genesis is on a quest to cure her Sickle-Cell Anemia with stem cell transplant, the only cure available for the disease.

Although the dark cloud of Sickle-cell anemia often leaves sojourners stranded in a quest for freedom, it is a Sickle-Inspired Perspective that clouds are designed by nature to eventually give way to sunshine. Hence, an audacious quest has begun to save the life of Genesis and other Sickle-Cell patients like her.

Sickle-Inspired is joining the campaign sponsored by Be The Match to enlist potential stem cell donors for Genesis in the quest to save her life and reveal her gift to the world. We invite you to be Genesis’ hero in this audacious quest. Text SickleInspired to 61474 to sign up to be a donor. All it takes is a simple cheek swab.

  • Gafar Shittu is a Certified Public Accountant and Founder of Sickle-Inspired. He is also a Sickle-Cell patient.

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