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Andre Marcel Harris – a Sickle-Inspired Hardy!

har·dy (adj / robust; capable of enduring difficult conditions)

I follow Andre Marcel Harris for one reason – to gain inspiration on how to meet a life of adversity with courage. When I saw his post (forwarded), my soul cried out for help on his behalf. After some meditation on his post, my mind and body followed suit.

My entire being yearns for help on behalf of Mr. Harris because I wake up daily to the pain and realities of the same medical condition that Mr. Harris leaves with. He is a Sickle-Cell patient – a fact he has stayed true to. In fact, he is a leading Sickle-Cell and Rare Disease Advocate - one that has constantly demonstrated the Sickle-Inspired Perspective that in adversity lies a gift waiting to blossom.

Sickle-Cell anemia is a very painful disease that often robs those afflicted by it of their hope and dignity. Its sufferers (or “warriors” – as they prefer to be called) are predominantly of African ancestry, and their average life expectancy is approximately 25-30 years below the general population. Among other severe complications, the disease is a leading cause of stroke amongst children.

As a Sickle-Cell patient and a Certified Public Accountant, I am acutely aware of the perseverance, courage, and grace it has taken for me to get to where I am in my own journey. When I was in college, I had to write some exams in acute pain with infusion needle in my vein!

But since privilege is a matter of perspective, I am also acutely aware of the lack of need for me to go through the added pressure of soliciting to fund any part of my education through a go fund me campaign. Mr. Harris has done this with utmost dignity and grace.

I urge everyone in my network and anyone reading this to please donate to Andre Marcel Harris’ go fund me campaign to fund his Master’s in Social Work (MSW) program

I also invite black businesses and professionals to adopt a Sickle-Inspired Perspective of Charitable Giving - A perspective of charitable giving founded on the solid belief that afro-descendants have to take the front row seats in healing their own afflictions.

  • Gafar Shittu CPA is the Founder of The Sickle-Inspired Corporation – A non-profit corporation dedicated to the wellbeing of sickle-cell warriors through the development and partnership with black businesses and professionals.

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