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“Resist Not Evil”

Resist not evil

See it as is

Don’t judge it

God created the darkness and the light to be accepted with equanimity

Be aware of it

Don’t dig anymore deeper into it

Digging into it is like staring into an abyss

It’s dark and bottomless

If you stare into an abyss, an abyss stares into you

We are all made of the light but vulnerable to darkness

This is why the axis of evil is where even angels fear to thread

The danger of every resistance of evil is the risk of the resistor becoming the resisted

The risk of one’s loss of his own awareness in the process of resistance, while merging with that which he is resisting

When light shines on darkness, it just shines

It doesn’t chase after darkness to overcome it

That will be equivalent to dimming the light to see in the dark

Light overcomes darkness by shining or shining brighter

Don’t dim your light

Keep your light shining brightly


  • Gafar Shittu.

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