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The Sickle-Inspired Goal

The primary goal of Sickle-Inspired is to raise funds to support programs that:

  1. Bring awareness to the pain of Sickle-Cell Disease while dispelling the stigmatization of care for those who have a chronic illness 

  2. Promote the physical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual well-being of Sickle-Cell patients and the community of those who have a chronic illness 

  3. Promote education for anyone who is managing Sickle cell or a chronic illness to help create a sense of community. The end goal is a lifeline for those who have a chronic illness.  

Sickle-Inspired aims to achieve these goals through the promotion, partnership, and investment in black businesses, hospitals, and health agencies. Sickle-Inspired will aim to achieve its goals by enlisting the support of the other leadership programs, which include black professionals, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Philanthropists at the forefront of its campaign.


Through mentorship, advocacy, and support, our values and principles will stand upon leadership-guided activities. 


 To provide support for those with chronic illness by propelling them to fulfilling their life's purposes at in stage of their life. 


To inspire Sickle-cell warriors and anyone who is facing adversity due to their chronic illness. 

Sickle-Inspired Vibes 

"There are no words to put on paper, a song to listen to, or a book to read on how to describe a pain crisis. "

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